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 Extra Extra: About SOUL Alliance Leader

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PostSubject: Extra Extra: About SOUL Alliance Leader   Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:25 am

Extra Extra: About SOUL Alliance Leader

Ye I’m not the ordinary little girl who behaves in only one particular manner. Yes...I know this is hard to believe but beneath this fluffy exterior there is something deep - dark - and inevitably scary. So when next we chat please make sure you know who you are in fact talking too - take this into careful consideration before you approach.

There are 3 degree's of separation involved. The Cute, The Crazy, and The Evil. - Be warned. To give you a better understanding of them all below is a little description of Details, Responses, and aspects you should consider before confrontation...It could be your last.

--- --- --- --- ---
The Cute:

1. Enjoys Sweet Talk and Friendly Behavior.
2. Usually accompanies Puppy Eyes.
3. Sweet Being of Helpfulness and Love.
1. "Would you like to be friends?"
2. "Rawry - I like bouncing!"
3. "*giggles* *bounces*"
Positive Aspects:
1. Productive in economical aspects.
2. Encourages growth, team involvement.
3. Diplomatic and Peaceful Expansive Policies Followed.
Warning Aspects:
1. May become extremely cuddly in Nature.
2. Will Effect The Dark Heart with Warmth.
3. Random Singing May Hamper Group Focus to some.

--- --- --- --- ---
The Crazy:

1. Enjoys Large Quantities of Sugar In-take.
2. Usually accompanies an evil twitching Eye.
3. Hyper-Active Being of Immense Confusion.
1. "Do you know why the spoon was invented?"
3. "MWAR Hee Hee Haa Hee Haa!"
Positive Aspects:
1. Incredibly Talented in Spamming.
2. May Agree to Abnormal Requests which are usually not tolerated.
3. Large Changes May Occur to Benefit of the Alliance.
Warning Aspects:
1. Large Usage of Irrational Decisions.
2. Attacking People at random by Incomprehensible Information.
3. Fast Movements of Erratic Nature.

--- --- --- --- ---
The Evil:

1. Enjoys Destroying All in Her Path.
2. Usually accompanies a glazed look in the eyes.
3. Incredible Destructive Being of Immense Power.
1. "What The Hell is Wrong With You?"
Positive Aspects:
1. Great War Time Companion.
2. Focus and Determination are Immense.
3. Helpful to Those In Need.
Warning Aspects:
1. Massing Almost Anything in her Path.
2. May Assault Idea's in an aggressive nature.
3. May become depressed in Peace Time Situations.

--- --- --- --- ---
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Extra Extra: About SOUL Alliance Leader
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