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 History oF SOUP: Sovereign oF United Peace

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PostSubject: History oF SOUP: Sovereign oF United Peace   Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:39 am

History oF SOUP:

In an attempt to continue the in-flow of warriors to the SOUL Alliance new blood was to be forged by the pen and sword. However before those became worthy to carry the name of SOUL they would have to train. To grow to a level which could rival the enemies that SOUL would defend against daily. This Alliance would need the peace and nurturing of a little seed so that one day this dream could be for filled.

Beneath the Rustic Forest grounds of the Sovereign oF United Lunacy. Beneath its core, lay the alliance - founded by Peace and Tranquility. The softer and more progressive of the Alliances which was found under the main base was named after its basis and that which was found deep within the element - Miss4tunE. It was her heart given to her by Kaps1. This was the Sovereign oF United Peace and would be protected at all costs by the goddess herself. “Would the gathered come? Would they love the gift created for them?” Miss4tunE’s thoughts had risen to the surface once more and all that remained was the wait.

This was a wait, to see if this little seed could turn into something spectacular; Something Grand; Something New; Something as Beautiful as all the being who were encompassed in her existence. – She was nothing without them and everything with them…Her…Family.

Your actions Write the history...
The Sovereign oF United Peace.

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History oF SOUP: Sovereign oF United Peace
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