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 Sovereign oF United Lunacy Alliance & Forum Rules:

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PostSubject: Sovereign oF United Lunacy Alliance & Forum Rules:   Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:40 am

Sovereign oF United Lunacy - Alliance Rules:

Please see Code of Sovereign oF United Lunacy as it is the main source of alliance rules, and must be adhered to completely.

1. You MAY NOT disrespect your fellow Alliance Members. Have opposing points of view, but on no condition should you go out of your way to be insulting or disrespectful to a fellow Alliance member.

2. You may never Verbally attack an Alliance members with the exception of s/he asking you to do so. (Odd but it happens)

3. You must post at least once every week on the Alliance forum. Inactivity will lead to suspension or removal from the Alliance.

4. On certain issues, there will be votes made in which you will have an option to cast your opinion, but once the final decision is made; all members must respect/abide by that decision.

5. The Alliance members must follow the orders of the Alliance Leader at all times, with regards to forum issues. Additionally when using the forums - Please show respect to both Members and High Council at all times.

6. If one does happen to leaves the Alliance, they are free to do as they wish, however the information regarding structure, plans and strategies of the Alliance must please remain confidential. We hope you will oblige

7. Cheaters and scammers will be punished severely - in a manner that the Alliance Leader deems appropriate.


Sovereign oF United Lunacy - Forum Rules

1. No degradation of members/guests will be tolerated in any form or manner within the Forums.

2. Try to keep the language clean. There may be certain members/guests who are not certified adults - or may be offended by the statements.

3. No spamming in Alliance issues or Strategy Sections, there are sections dedicated to spam and if the need should arise simply post within the "Spam Tape Sections"

4. Porn links and anything of vulgar demeanor shall not be tolerated or allowed onto the forums.

5. When replying to a post, try to be polite and respectful to the other players’ persona. Remember you may be enemies in the game but even enemies can show respect towards one another - After all it is a game!

6. The decisions of the moderators/administrators are final. If you have a problem / query with any issue feel free to post it into the complaint section and the necessary requirements will be made to change / correct the issue. You may also contact/PM the issue to a ranked administrator /Moderator.

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Sovereign oF United Lunacy Alliance & Forum Rules:
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