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 Welcome: To The Public S.O.U.L Market [LunacyCo.]

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PostSubject: Welcome: To The Public S.O.U.L Market [LunacyCo.]   Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:07 am

Welcome: To The Public S.O.U.L Market [LunacyCo.]

This section is built for those that wish to sell resources with the S.O.U.L alliance members as well as members who are selling resources to the visitors of the forums. Please be aware that the following rules apply in this section.

Rules to LunacyCo.
1. You are not allowed to post trades in other peoples trading threads. If you want to buy or sell resources, make your own thread. Spamming trade topics is also not alloud.
2. You are not allowed to sell any resources that are not your own, be it accounts, naq, UU or anything else.
3. All other forum rules apply to this section.
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Subject: Resources For Trade:
Message Body:
1.Resources you are selling
2.Price at which you are asking
3.Amount of Resources for Sale
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Welcome: To The Public S.O.U.L Market [LunacyCo.]
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