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 Benefits of Membership to S.O.U.L:

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PostSubject: Benefits of Membership to S.O.U.L:   Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:49 am

Benefits of Membership to S.O.U.L:

As a member of S.O.U.L you will have the advatage of being in an alliance that is well structured and extremely organised allowing the members to fully enjoy their sgw experiance while at the same time growing and meeting new people.

You will be given many oppertunities to earn rewards by meeting bench marks, so in simple terms you get free stuff lol. Every member will recieve a customized alliance sig which will be showcased here on this page.

Key Alliance members have a lot of experiance with the politics and also many conections to keep us out of trouble - or perhaps get us into trouble. This alliance will not be a war mongering alliance but when needed we will fight for its members. I believe in helping players and I am normally very generous given the members are working hard themselves.

Be strong - Be Mighty - Be You!

For more details on what is required for you to join please read the section on requirements to joining S.O.U.L
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Benefits of Membership to S.O.U.L:
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