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PostSubject: FUALL VS TTF   Thu Dec 11, 2008 11:03 pm

Obviously all of you know about this war as some of you have surrendered from it. However in the spirit of this section, I will endeavor to keep the list of alliance names up to date.

Alliances Involved

Fundamentaly Unbreakable Alliance (FUALL)

  • Omega Empire (OE)

    • Omega (Ω)
    • Alpha (α)
    • Delta (Δ)
    • Pi (Π)
    • Mayhem (Λ mH)

  • The Dark Dominium Empire (DDE)

    • Dominium ex Malus (DxM)
    • Dominium of Chaos (DoC)
    • DominiumofOblivion (DoO)

    • Other Alliances

      • Bicska Alliance (Bicska)
      • Section 8

    • Lone Wolf

      • esplin9466 (Lone Wolf)

The Task Force

  • The Legion Empire (TLE)

    • The Dark Legion (TDL)
    • The Legion (TL)
    • The Gladiators (TG)
    • The Legion of Dawn (TLD)

  • Tauri Alliance family (TAF)

    • Tauri Alliance (TA)
    • Tauri Alliance Training Syndicate (TÅTS)
    • Tauri Alliance Atlantis Expedition (TÅÅE)

  • The Brotherhood of The Order (TOB)

    • The Order (TO)
    • Children of The Order (CoTo)

  • The Ancient Races (AR)

    • The Great Races (TGR)
    • Ancient Bretheren (AB)
    • Ancient Ausrans (AA)

  • Slovenia United (SU)

    • Slovenian Troops (ST)
    • Slovenian Command (SC)

  • Other Alliances
  • Warlords of Briton (WoB)
  • Vanguard
  • The Stargate Alliance (TSA)
  • RICO_S roughnecks
  • Lone Wolves
  • AuraX
  • insaneone


  • Lone Wolves Fighting Both Sides

    • Magni (Lone Wolf)
    • Tearjerker [ Diىturbed ]
    • TokKo [ Diىturbed ]

Starting Date of War
- May 28th 2008

Reason for war - it had to happen. I could write a whole list of stuff but in the end it pretty much had to happen and was coming so it's going on and on and on.

Pretty much all alliances in this war do not tolerate vulturing, though some will warn and some won't hence it's a bit of pot luck.
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Mister Sandman

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PostSubject: Re: FUALL VS TTF   Fri Dec 26, 2008 2:24 pm

Its now basically farming war.
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