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 Aug/Sept 2008 Large Update

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PostSubject: Aug/Sept 2008 Large Update   Thu Dec 11, 2008 11:01 pm

Aug/Sept 2008 Large Update

Ascended Bonuses
To clarify, the ascended race bonus is 5% per stat you are bonused on, up to ascension level 6. After that, it is 1% per level thereafter.
The chance of successfully using your Ascended Blessing is 2% per level after 6, with no unique techs. Each unique tech gives the amount stated (either ontop of zero chance, if ascended under 6 times, or ontop of 2%*(times ascended-6), if ascended over 6 times.

MS (mothership) capacity tech (and MS bug fix)

Mothership tech (available on the technology page) increases the number of units that can be in each weapon/shield/hanger bay.
Each increase in tech level increases unit holding capacity by 3% up to 10 levels.
Ascending will remove the tech levels, as it does all other tech levels. (although if you have more units than capacity allows after ascending, the units are not destroyed).

BUG FIX It used to be that a 1turn attack, was equal to a 15turn attack, in MS damage. This was fixed so that 1 turn did 1/15th the damage, but has since been revised so that a 5 turn attack, can do as much damage as a 15 turn attack. It is now valid strategy (not a bug) to attack with 5 turns to do maximum MS damage, while reducing your other damages with only 5 turn attacks, versus the full 15.
Keep in mind that the most any attack can do, is about 3% of shields, or 5% of weapons, regardless of strenght, or turns used.

Fleet Power
Fleet power x 2, cost x 2.
Since the most expensive part of having fleets, is the hangers, this allows more fleet power in your existing hangers. (at a cost, of course).

Mobile Defences
To counter the 'but my planets can now be taken' issues, and to add some further excitement to planetary battles, 3 mobile defence platforms are added.
These are assigned to ONE planet (although more than one can be assigned to one planet). The cost to build defences is less than an average size planet, although it does go up the more defences are added to the platform.
The concept is that while overall planets may be easier to battle than before, with these, one to three of them will not be, and additionally will hold a 'hidden suprise' for attackers.
These platforms are not spyable - where they are only you know. So when an enemy spies, and sends in fleets, if that is where your mobile platform(s) are, there is a good chance the fleet will be totally wiped out....
Likewise if your planets are getting massed, a quick change of where your mobile platform is, can bring down the fleet....
This is an update partially to secure some key planets, partially to increase the thrill, strategy and devestation of planet battles Smile

Alliance Wars
Wars to this point were fairly standard. fight. try to get enemy goods while not losing yours. winner was hard to determine as the 'winning formula' was a bit loose....
Now - each of the 5 war types have a clear goal, and way to determine winner. This is reflected in the points you get, as seen in the war detailed summary.
Also, it is not a war unless it is accepted. A 'one way war' is simply an assault and will not be visible to the masses. Just your (and their) alliance.
The style of war is multifold. And the ultimate - war of attrition - is a true test of alliance versus alliance as both are wisked away to their own plane in the realm of blood, to interact with just each outside influence, no PPT, no moving goods to and fro.
Just your alliance, and their alliance...
Here, all soldiers fight (attack or defence) in every it if you dare.

Alliance Relations
Just a way to keep tabs on who your friends and enemies are, since an alliance leader can set an entire other alliance to 'friendly' or 'hostile'. It will not stop attacks, but now nobody can say they did not know.
Likewise, and individual can set relations with all alliance members at once. This is to help the individual in the same way as the alliances, above.

Selling Planet Defences
While facilities on planets remain unsellable, you CAN now sell the defences built on planets. They sell for a fixed rate, regardless of the rate you purchased them at.

Income Planets
These used to avoid the defcon, nox, and officer contribution, aspects of your income. This is a fixed bug. Income planets will now provide reduced income inline with your nox,defcon and contribution to officers.

Turns to 4/tick and Max Turns held (through turn generation) to 5000 (from 4000). This is aimed to keep the game speedy when needed, to increase overall turns available in the game (and markets), and provide more for those who choose not to use markets to get turns....

Military records enhancements
Military experience now keeps track of a few new items like planets, mothership, and weapon value destroyed while attacking...not just sabbing.
Also added the values of each specific item, so you know how points are determined. (and can help in balancing now that you know the formulas...)

Public display of alliance wars
The universe is not a vacuum. When there is a huge war, you will know...True - by the time you do know, it is likely already over, but you can see the details as recorded by spies and braggers Smile

Anticovert (AC) being tied to attack army vs. defence army
It was always intended to have a prerequisite on anticovert destroying covert. It needed an army to hide behind while it hunted. The weakest account ingame, with a large AC, should not be able to invade successfully the top realms
Instead of adding a minimum 'can or can not' AC-- a multiplier of (attack strength / defence strength) was added to the effects of the AC. Without a full army to hide behind, they cannot be as effective as they possibly can.
This way, even the weak army can send in AC and hunt covert, but the weak army does not do so as successfully. But they do do it....

maximum defences per planet size
These have been lowered a bit - the mind blowering (largest size) is required for 1mil + defences...

Max naq gain on attacks
IF a target has over 500billion naq out (the old max), the new limit is now 500bil x target army size/ 100million units ... Thus, the new limit only applies to hits on enemies with over 500bil naq.

Max UU (untrained units) gain on raids
There was previously a bug that allowed 'over raiding' which has been fixed. The rate went to 80 to 100% of 1.5% of their UU, after the initial update. This has (as of Sept 3/08) been increased to 80 to 100% of 2.25% of their units (numbers based on 15 turn attack) War will increase this amount.

Naq gain on any attack
A successful attack of 15 turns, receives 80 to 100% of the enemy naq.
Being at war will take it to 100% with even less than 15 turns used, but then of course you risk a 2 way war if they war you and hit back.

Delay/lag on turn change is reduced
This is still under active investigation/enhancement...

All pages now use compression to load faster on your computer.
It is YOUR browser that uncompresses the pages, and all major browsers support this. If your browser does not, the game is smart enough not to compress the page for you.
On the off chance you have a wonky device that causes issues with compression, the 'plain login form' available off the homepage, has a 'do not use compression' option.

Alliance bank.
A 1% charge is levied against income, when you belong to an alliance. It is banked in the alliance bank.
The alliance bank has no current withdrawl system - but - eventually it will be used for wars and alliance features/abilities.
It will NEVER be able to be used to give any single or group of players currency. It will always remain for the use of alliance functions only.

Alliance minimum requirments
Alliance - those over 60 days old - MUST maintain 5 active members. Under this is not considered an alliance, and the union of true alliances (the UTA) will disband your alliance, and confiscate your alliance bank, if your alliance is under 5 active memebers, and over 60 days old.
Your alliance management page will show you the member count, and age of alliance.
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PostSubject: Re: Aug/Sept 2008 Large Update   Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:01 pm

Isnt this also in the SGW updates site?

P.S: ok, hehehe, stupid me, it is the same Very Happy and read the "main" topic about this section
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PostSubject: Re: Aug/Sept 2008 Large Update   Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:34 pm

It's okay we forgive you Smile
Ye - Easier access to members.
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PostSubject: Re: Aug/Sept 2008 Large Update   

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Aug/Sept 2008 Large Update
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